Governor’s Ball 2015 | Music Festival Recap

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Governor’s Ball 2015 was my first real music festival experience, but definitely will not be my last! There is so much to do and listen to while being at a festival and the people are so friendly, just wanting to have a great time just like you. I have learned a few things from going to NYC for the festival though that I will take into consideration next time. Always be prepared for any and everything! This weekend in New York was supposed to be full of rain and thunderstorms but us festival-goers were blessed with better weather luckily. Friday afternoon was still muggy outside in the morning and early afternoon but by 3 pm the clouds were passing and the sun was coming out, illuminating the festival grounds. Though the sun was out it does not mean the ground was dry, it was extremely muddy and hard to walk in certain areas. I had booties on so the mud didn’t phase me (today) but my feet were about to fall off. Friday was a day full of artists I wanted to see playing back-to-back so I never had a chance to sit down! So I regret wearing slightly-heeled booties because it felt fine most of the day but by 11:30 pm walking to the ferry boats to get off Randall’s Park and back to the city was the worst experience for my poor achy feet. Saturday the ground was still muddy even though the sun was out and shining because of the large volume of people on the island the ground hardly had a chance to dry. Only me would forget to pack sneakers so I was one of those girls in sandals getting their feet completely dirty in mud. It did not bother me like I thought it would because I had refused to let it put a damper on my overall experience. Sunday was the best day for weather and you could tell by the moods of everyone on the island. Everyone was dancing around, throwing frisbees, hula-hooping, and having a great time. I talked to so many new people and listened to so many new artists I don’t know why I have never been to a festival before. They are definitely a worthwhile experience.

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