Music Festival Essentials

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Sorry for being M.I.A. the last few days everyone! I was in New York City for Governor’s Ball. It’s a huge annual music festival on Randall’s Park Island. This year I was able to see artists like Drake, Florence and The Machine, Deadmau5, ODESZA and more. There was an artist for ever music lover’s taste for sure. These are my essentials for a long day out having fun and listening to music.

  1. Sunglasses: this is kind of agiven but sometimes you forget the most obvious things!
  2. Sunscreen: you will definitely need to reapply throughout the day especially if you are outside from 11 am to 11 pm.
  3. Wet Wipes: there is usually no soap or anywhere to clean your hands after using the bathroom or playing in the grass
  4. Chapstick: got to keep your lips moisturized!
  5. Wallet: make sure to bring cash and a card because some places are cash only or they may not seem safe enough to swipe your card at so you’ll want to use cash
  6. Hand lotion: you want to keep your hands moisturized as well!
  7. Your ticket: never forget that ! That would put a damper on the whole weekend for sure.

What are your carry around festival essentials? What festivals have you been to? Xoxo

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