New Discovery | L.A. Girl Cosmetics Lippies

GLG CF-1240x592_Fotor_CollageL.A. Girl Cosmetics have become well known for their HD Pro Concealers, that is no surprise because they are amazing products for the small price tag. Recently the company has come out with new lip products and they are flying off the shelves! The Matte Pigment Glosses and the Glazed Lip Paints are all everyone is talking about these days. They are extremely pigmented for the price and come in a wide range of colors so there is something there for every skin tone. I like how there are options of matte or glossy based on your preference. I am personally more a matte lip wearer because the color lasts so much longer and there is less of a worry about the lip color transferring to clothes or getting stuck in your hair when the wind blows (I always have that problem when I wear glossy/sticky lip glosses). But both product lines are amazing and definitely worth trying out. Have you tried them yet? What are your favorite colors from the lines? xoxo

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